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My toilet isn't flushing

If your toilet is blocked:

A blocked toilet can be caused by something lodged in the system that needs to be unclogged. Try to flush once, and then use a plunger to pump the blockage out. Avoid flushing the toilet while blocked, as this could cause water to overflow.

My toilet isn't blocked, but the flush won't work:

If your toilet won't flush, lift the back cover of the toilet to ensure the flapper element is correctly attached.

I don't have power.

My outlets won't work:

Make sure the outlet is causing the issue by plugging your appliance into another outlet. If your outlet continues to malfunction, attempt to reset the breaker. You may also need to reset the GCFI.

My home doesn't have any power:

If your home is the only location in your neighborhood without power, the breaker may have been tripped.Locate the box and reset it to attempt to restore power. If you continue having problems, get in touch with your electric company to see if you're affected by a local outage.

I don't have hot water

No hot water is normally caused by an incorrect setting on the water tank. Check the thermostat to make certain the setting is correct, and look to see if the tank is in vacation mode or off. Reset the system and allow it to heat for 15 minutes before testing again.

I don't have heat or air conditioning.

Check your thermostat first, to ensure it hasn't tripped or encountered a problem that caused a system shutdown. Reset the thermostat and call your utilities provider if the problem hasn't been resolved. If your service has been suspended, you'll need to bring your account current.

I have an emergency!

If you need emergency assistance, please call 911.

I have a different problem…

Other common issues include:

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