Move-in / Move-out Checklist

We simplify the move-in & move-out process.

Moving into a new place can be a very stressful situation. We strive to make your move as seamless as possible. Please refer to the checklists below to answer questions you may have about your Elevate SD rental unit.

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Move In Checklist:

Pro-rated First Month's Rent & Security Deposit: Your first month's rent (pro-rated, if necessary), security deposit, and pet deposit (where applicable) must be paid in full, prior to taking possession of your rental unit. Any deposits are placed in a trust fund throughout the duration of your tenancy. You will be able to make all payments online via e-check, credit card or debit card, using the tenant portal.

Move-in Date & Inspection: To better serve you in your new home, we'll need to schedule a move-in inspection with you. This takes place before you officially take residency.

Utilities: All utilities need to be placed in your name prior to the move-in/lease start date. We recommending calling utilities at least five days before taking occupancy. Please note, failure to promptly place accounts in your name may result in shut-off and administrative fees.

Move-Out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate: If you wish to leave your residence, you'll need to refer to the terms outlined in your lease. The entire lease term on the Rental Agreement should be satisfied.

Certain fees may apply if you choose to break your lease. A full thirty (30) days written notice must be provided prior to vacating your residence. Please be sure to provide written notification of us your intent to vacate the premises, respecting the timeline in your lease. If multiple residents are on the lease, we require a signature from all persons on the lease before the Intent to Vacate can be effective

Unpaid balances: All unpaid charges or outstanding balances should be paid before leaving your home.

Keys: All keys, remotes, and anything else issued at the time of move-in should be returned on day of move-out. Applicable charges will apply for any missing items. For each day the premises remain in the possession of the resident or keys have not been returned, daily rent charges will be assessed.

Forwarding Address: Please provide a written forwarding address to Management on or before move-out date.

Pre-move out inspection: In order to maximize the refund of the deposit, a pre-move out inspection must be scheduled and conducted no more than two weeks prior to the move out date. If you choose not to have a pre-move out inspection, you must indicate so in writing to management. The final inspection will be completed the day of move out.

Property Condition: You are responsible for returning your property to rent-ready condition (the same condition as noted during move-in). This includes addressing Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Paint (if applicable), Repairs, and/or any damages that may have occurred during your stay. For a complete list of what needs to be addressed to optimize the security deposit refund, please refer to the move-out instructions received at the time Intent to Vacate notice was submitted.

Security Deposit: We collect a security deposit prior to move-in, which is placed in a trust fund throughout the duration of your residency. When you notify us of your intent to vacate, we will provide you with a move-out checklist to ensure the property is returned to its condition at move-in.

To optimize the security deposit refund, please return the premises in the same condition as noted during move-in. A Statement of the Deposit of Account and security deposit will be mailed to the forwarding address you have provided to us within 21 days of move-out as required by California law. Please note, any fees, back rent, and repair costs will be deducted from the security deposit. If applicable, your security deposit may be used to clean your home or carpet and repair damages other than normal wear and tear.

Remember, you cannot use your deposit as your final month's rent. Please pay all outstanding rent balances as agreed to in your rental agreement.

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